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The Latest News

Hello everyone!  Hope the new year is finding you all healthy and starting off on a good foot!  I know everyone has been asking about our upcoming TLBN meetings as we have been on a two year hiatus.

We will meet this year but on an abbreviated schedule.  While we are vaccinated and boosted, Corona is still in our world.  Firstly, we discussed locations and best way we can keep everyone as protected as possible.  We had already been discussing the positive move it would be to have our meetings at the same place every time and in as central location as possible.  The Kenney Store outside of Brenham will be the location for all 2022 meetings.  Being on Tuesdays, the restaurant is closed to their patrons.  So we would be the only people in the restaurant. The first meeting, however, will be on a Wednesday to accommodate a prior engagement the restaurant has on that Tuesday.

Secondly, we will meet on a somewhat scaled back schedule.  We also wanted to put out the schedule so everyone can get it on their calendar.   So here is the schedule of meetings:

  • April 13
  • May 10
  • July 12
  • September 13
  • November 8

We also want to get you a list of the speakers for each of these events, we are working on getting that confirmed as we speak.  If anyone has a suggestion on a speaker they would like to hear, please let us know and we’ll work to get it set up!

Regarding the dues, we feel like we have kept the cost low and will continue with the $100 annual membership.  As before, all luncheon’s will be at no cost to the members.  So, it’s a very great deal!  Chris will be getting the invoices out to you all shortly. Everyone who was a past member of TLBN will get an invoice. If you do not want to rejoin, no worries, we thank you for your past participation.

2023 will be a transition of the Board of Directors.   If there are any members that would like to serve on the Board, please let Chris know.  We’ll be meeting again in July and it would be a great time to visit about the recommendations!

We are very excited to get together again, share information, hear what you all are up to, and listen to some great speakers.


Dee Brabham

TLBN President

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