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Texas Supreme Court: Accommodation Doctrine Applies to Groundwater

Posted on June 8, 2016 by tiffany.dowell

On May 27, 2016, the Texas Supreme Court issued its opinion in Coyote Lake Ranch, LLC v. City of Lubbock. Many Texas agricultural and water law attorneys were in Lubbock attending the State Bar of Texas Agricultural Law Continuing Legal Education Seminar. As soon as the opinion was released, you should have seen everyone scurrying around!

This case (on which I have previously blogged here) is extremely important for Texas landowners and groundwater owners. For the first time, the Texas Supreme Court announced that the accommodation doctrine, previously applied only in oil and gas severances, will apply in groundwater severances as well.


The Coyote Lake Ranch is primarily used for agriculture, including cattle, irrigated cropland, and recreational hunting. The majority of the ranch consists of sand dunes with natural grass cover, while some portion consists of irrigated cropland. The ranch overlays the Ogallala Aquifer and sits about 90 miles northwest of Lubbock.

In 1953, the City of Lubbock purchased groundwater rights…Read More

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